Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I am going to start to write things about our mission that I didn't put in our letters home. First of all Tom Peacock called today and left a message on our message machine. He wanted to thank Grant and I for the flowers that we sent for Lilian's funeral. I feel so bad for him. He misses her so much and I am sure is very lonely. He has a couple of sons and Lilian has a couple of daughters, but he is not that close to his sons. I think that Lilian's daughter will look after him. She lives just a few miles away and he raised her. Tom and Lilian were such a cute couple and we loved them so much. It pains us to see Tom is such sorrow. He doesn't have the gospel in his life and I really don't know what he thinks about God and death. Don't get me wrong these people were the best that you could find. Such kind, good hearted people. They would give you the shirt of their backs. Tom is 82 yrs old and now lives alone.
I can tell you that we couldn't had better neighbors or friends. We would talk to them almost every day and they would watch our bungalow when we to the temple, and we would watch their house when they went on vacation. We just had a wonderful relationship with them. Tom was so willing to help Grant with anything that needed to be done. He even took us to the train station we we flew home for Tom and Shannon's wedding. He also picked us up.
We were just so glad that we got to know them and love them. We miss them and realize that we will probably never Tom again.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Elder Echarri, Elder and Sister Beckstrand and Elder Stuart.
Billingham, England
When we were first on our mission.